Alfa Hellenic

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Style: American Macro Lager
BA Rating: 85
ABV: 5.00%
Available in 12 oz / 6 pack

Athenian Brewery
Athens, Greece 12241

Alfa Hellenic


Alfa is a lager with 5% alcohol brewed in Greece by the Heineken-owned Athenian Brewery. It is a smooth tasting beer. Alfa's unique light gold color and rich foam is the ultimate pleasure-maker.


Cheese (Monterey) , Cheese (Pepper Jack) , Cheese (Peppery) , Cuisine (Barbeque) , Cuisine (Indian) , Cuisine (Latin American) , Cuisine (Pan Asian) , Cuisine (Thai)


Pint Glass (or Becker, Nonic, Tumbler) , Pilsner Glass (or Pokal)