Gouden Carolus Classic

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Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
BA Rating: 95
ABV: 8.00%
Available in 11.2 oz / 4 pack , 25.4 oz Bottle

Brouwerij Het Anker
Mechelen, Belgium

Gouden Carolus Classic


This beer is semi-dark brown with red orange highlights and pours a fading frothy head with moderate lacing. Its aroma is fruit, cloves, oak, and dark cherries. The taste is a spicy sweet with cherries and oak.


Cheese (Blue) , Cheese (Cheddar) , Cheese (Gorgonzola) , Cheese (Limburger) , Cheese (Pungent) , Cheese (Sharp) , Cuisine (Barbeque) , Meat (Beef) , Meat (Grilled Meat)


Goblet (or Chalice) , Snifter , Tulip , Oversized Wine Glass