Chocolate Stout

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Style: American Stout
BA Rating: 96
ABV: 6.00%
Available in 22 oz Bottle

Rogue Ales Brewery / Brewer's on the Bay
Newport, OR United States 97365

Chocolate Stout


This beer is jet black and pours a lasting tan head. Its aroma is mostly chocolate, vanilla and coffee with malt and fruit sweeetness. The taste is a blend of smooth roasted malt, chocolate and toffee with the character of a frothy milkshake.


Cheese (Brie) , Cheese (Buttery) , Cheese (Camembert) , Cheese (Earthy) , Cheese (Fontina) , Cheese (Gouda) , Cheese (Havarti) , Cheese (Swiss) , General (Chocolate) , General (Dessert) , Meat (Beef) , Meat (Game) , Meat (Grilled Meat) , Meat (Shellfish) , Meat (Smoked Meat)


Pint Glass (or Becker, Nonic, Tumbler) , Mug (or Seidel, Stein)


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Bald Hill Beverage Farmingville NY Beverage Center No
Beverage Barn Garden City Park NY Beverage Center No
Farmingdale Beverage Farmingdale NY Beverage Center No
Foodtown Hewlett NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
IGA Amagansett NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Islip Cold Beer Islip NY Beverage Center No
King Kullen Bridgehampton NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Melville Superstar Melville NY Beverage Center No
Polywoda Beverage Southhold NY Beverage Center No
Shoreline Beverage Huntington NY Beverage Center No
St. James Beverage Saint James NY Beverage Center No
Syosset Beverage Syosset NY Beverage Center No
Wild by Nature Oceanside NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Wild by Nature East Setauket NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No