Jockamo IPA

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Style: American IPA
BA Rating: 90
ABV: 6.50%
Available in 12 oz / 6 pack

Abita Brewing Co. / Abita Brew Pub
Abita Springs, LA United States 70420

Jockamo IPA


This beer is a copper brown with red highlights and pours a small foamy head. Its aroma and taste is toffee, molasses and malt with a hint of hops.


Cheese (Blue) , Cheese (Cheddar) , Cheese (Gorgonzola) , Cheese (Limburger) , Cheese (Monterey) , Cheese (Pepper Jack) , Cheese (Peppery) , Cheese (Pungent) , Cheese (Sharp) , Cuisine (Curried) , Cuisine (Thai) , Meat (Fish) , Meat (Poultry) , Meat (Salmon) , Meat (Shellfish)


Pint Glass (or Becker, Nonic, Tumbler) , Mug (or Seidel, Stein)


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Babylon Beverage West Babylon NY Supermarket/Retail No
Bald Hill Beverage Farmingville NY Beverage Center No
Beer City Deer Park NY Beverage Center No
Beverage Barn Garden City Park NY Beverage Center No
Fairway Plainview Llc Plainview NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Mc Breen's Bev. Lynbrook NY Beverage Center No
Monarch Bev Long Beach NY Beverage Center No
South Bay Bev. Massapequa NY Beverage Center No
Stonybrook Beverage Setauket NY Beverage Center No
Thrifty Beverage Lindenhurst NY Beverage Center No
Valley Stream Beverage Valley Stream NY Beverage Center No
Wideridge Beverage Selden NY Beverage Center No