Harpoon IPA

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Style: American IPA
BA Rating: 89
ABV: 5.90%
Available in 12 oz / 6 pack , 12 oz / 12 pack, Keg

Harpoon Brewery
Boston, MA United States 02210

Harpoon IPA


This beer is yellow amber and pours a medium off white head that lasts and fades to lacing. It has a delicate aroma that has a hint of lemon. The taste is smooth and a little bitter at start and finishes with hints of lemon and apple.


Cheese (Blue) , Cheese (Cheddar) , Cheese (Gorgonzola) , Cheese (Limburger) , Cheese (Monterey) , Cheese (Pepper Jack) , Cheese (Peppery) , Cheese (Pungent) , Cheese (Sharp) , Cuisine (Curried) , Cuisine (Thai) , Meat (Fish) , Meat (Poultry) , Meat (Salmon) , Meat (Shellfish)


Pint Glass (or Becker, Nonic, Tumbler) , Mug (or Seidel, Stein)


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King Kullen East Setauket NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
King Kullen Valley Stream NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Legal Seafood Huntington Station NY Bar/Restaurant No
Legal Seafood Garden City NY Bar/Restaurant No
Liberty Beverage East Meadow NY Beverage Center No
Mobil Long Beach NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Monarch Bev Long Beach NY Beverage Center No
North Shore Farms Glen Cove NY Supermarket/Retail No
North Shore Farms Port Washington NY Supermarket/Retail No
Patio West Hampton Beach NY Bar/Restaurant No
Peconic Beverage Southampton NY Beverage Center No
Pennywise Bev. Franklin Square NY Beverage Center No
Philly Beer & Soda Centereach NY Beverage Center No
Polywoda Beverage Southhold NY Beverage Center No
Port Washington Beer & Soda Port Washington NY Beverage Center No
Rocky Point Beer Rocky Point NY Beverage Center No
Sam & Jake Bev. Corp. Port Jefferson NY Beverage Center No
ShopRite Plainview NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Shoreline Beverage Huntington NY Beverage Center No
Southdown Supermarket Huntington NY Supermarket/Retail No
St. James Beverage Saint James NY Beverage Center No
Stonybrook Beverage Setauket NY Beverage Center No
Stop & Save East Islip NY Beverage Center No
Stop & Shop Hicksville NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No
Stop & Shop West Babylon NY Supermarket/Retail/7-Eleven No