Welcome to Garal

This website was created with you in mind. Look at this website as a vehicle to help navigate you down the highway of quality Micro, Speciality, and Imported Beers. As the driver of the vehicle you will be able to make certain turns (decisions) as to where you want to go.

You could choose your favorite country for beer, or the name of the beer, or even the name of the company that represents it. Another feature would be to see what food is associated with your favorite beer. Lastly you can search to find a location near to you that carries your favorite brew. Your trip should be interesting and rewarding. So come and join me in searching this website for information that you will find interesting and informative.

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I did in putting it together for you. This website reflects our motto...

About Us

Garal Wholesalers LTD has been servicing Long Island since 1986. Originally established as a soft drink distributor, Garal has evolved to a full line distributor. Garal acquired the rights to distribute Stroh, Pabst and Miller Brewing Company (Old English) in 1998, and the following year Garal established a speciality Beer and Import Division. As such they represent such brands and suppliers as Abita, Allagash, B. United International, Binding Brewery, Duvel Mourtgat USA, Flying Dog, Harpoon, Hofbrau, Left Hand, Rogue Brewery and Southampton to name a few.

Since 1998 Garal has been adding suppliers, and has continued to focus their efforts on Long Island. Success has been evidenced by the growth of the core brands and the expansion of the specialty Beer and Import Division with attention to the non- Alcoholic Brands also. Garal's aim has been to bring quality beverages to the people of Long Island.